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Theatre Etiquette & Dress Code

Since the inception of Stage West over thirty years ago, we have always been proud to promote a ”Semi-formal dress code” to create a unique environment for our patrons. As time has evolved, the term “Semi-formal dress code” has been redefined and accepted by society. Consequently, we at Stage West feel we have to adapt to these changes as well.

We are still dedicated to keeping a warm and inviting atmosphere in our theatre and we depend on our patrons to communicate this information to their guests. Guests who do not meet our minimum requirements will be asked to change prior to entering the theatre.

Items that fall short of meeting the requirements of our dress code include:

  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Athletic wear and athletic footwear
  • Casual sandals

As Stage West is an adult-oriented environment, children under the age of 4 are not allowed into the theatre (with the exception of Stage West for Kids performances.)
Thank you for your understanding.
To begin your event, you are greeted at the theatre entrance to be seated by a host or hostess using the table number on your tickets. Your server will come by your table to welcome you and take your drink orders. The buffet is open at this point so you are welcome to begin your first course at any time, before or after making your drink orders.  You may enjoy as many buffet items as you like during the dinner portion of the evening. The dessert buffet is open until the end of intermission following the first act of the show. During the intermission, your server will return to take your final drink orders for the second act of the show as well as return with your drink bill either before the second act begins or immediately following it.
Enjoy your time with Stage West! Play With Your Dinner!

Gary Tse
General Manager

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